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Farm Hoppers


The simple delight toddlers experience when astride the back of any of these inflatable, bouncy animals is a pleasure to behold. Farm Hoppers animal bouncers are made from a durable BPA-free PVC, intended for both indoor and outdoor fun. Available in different animals & colours, they help promote core muscle development and coordination skills. Each Farm Hopper comes with its own hand-operated air pump.

fantasy hopper logo purple.jpg

Fantasy Hoppers

This inflatable bouncy fantasy animal is whimsically fun, brightly coloured with soft gripable horn and ears for children to hold while they bounce around. It is made from a high quality, brightly coloured, BPA-free plastic and can help with core muscle development as well as coordination skills while having fun!

Wildlife Hoppers

wildlife hopper logo green.jpg

Wildlife Hoppers are fun, whimsical, brightly coloured, inflatable animals with soft gripable ears for children to hold onto while they bounce around. With feet touching the ground and hands holdings onto the ears, kids can bounce, scoot and walk around in a supported manner that help develop core muscle and coordination. These delightful bouncers are made from high quality BPA- free PVC and can be used both indoors and out. They come complete with their own soccer valve, needle and pump in an attractive box. The fact is that they are just plain fun and keep children highly entertained while providing and outlet for that relentless toddler energy.

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