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Gunamuna Gunapod

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The Gunapod® is the only sleeping solution that uses the innovative WONDERZiP® zipper system; an all-around zip for simple changing, temperature control to prevent overheating and maximized   comfort.


The unique zip system opens completely from underarm to       underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways as you choose. Plus front zipper and shoulder snaps. Super soft fabrics and a generous wider and longer fit; just like a favourite blanket.

  • Unique WONDERZiP® system means easy nappy changes, dressing/undressing – just unzip bottom or sides or front or top

  • Prevent overheating and keep baby at desired warmth by unzipping in any combination

  • Allow baby freedom to kick their feet by unzipping the    bottom and they can wriggle all they want

  • Wider and longer body, shoulder snaps and generous     armholes for maximum comfort

  • Unzip the Gunapod® along the bottom to accommodate a carseat or pushchair safety strap and allow your baby to kick freely

  • Provides your child a safer, more comfortable sleep

  • Machine washable

  • Easier, Safer, Smarter

Made of lightweight 100% cotton to keep baby safe and snug, the cotton dreams collection is available in three designs.


SMALL: 0-9 months 
height 48-66cm
weight 2.7 - 8kg

MEDIUM: 9-18 months

height 66-74cm

weight 8 - 12kg

LARGE: 18-24 months

height 78-81cm

weight 12 - 16kg

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